2021 Blizzard Cochise

The Cochise has been a very good ski for a very long time. It's been so good, in fact that practically every other company in the business had to make their version of it. At a certain point, the "108mm waisted super stiff directional charger" was practically a whole ski class of its own. But times have changed, and the Cochise must change with it. After years of ruling its own weight class, this rocket ship has been put on a diet. New for this season, the Blizzard Cochise 106 Skis are just a bit narrower, a bit lighter, and with a tightened up turn radius. Luckily for us, they've only gotten better. They still hammer down the fall line like nobody's business, but the updated shape makes them a bit more approachable, and gives you laser-focused control even when you're not skiing at laserbeam speeds.